Bathroom goals

Four inspirational bathrooms that’ll have you plotting a washroom makeover at your place.

Tranquility now

Architecture practice Splinter Society transformed this California-style Melbourne bungalow built in the 1920s into a modern zen den, giving the bathroom a rustic onsen vibe. The tawny cedar battens that line the walls draw the eye through the intimate space towards the freestanding bathtub, which is elevated on a thick, raw-edge granite platform that allows bathers to take in the view of the Japanese garden outside.

Virtual reality

MAIN IMAGE: Photography by Jack Love. ABOVE: Render by Yaroslav Priadka.

Computer graphic artist and ‘3D visualiser’ Yaroslav Priadka’s designs are out of this world. The Ukrainian creates concepts that look for all intents and purposes like the real thing. Tapping into a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, the mood of this sparsely decorated CG bathroom is enhanced by the tactility of the materials, while the fittings — including a pedestal vanity and reeded-glass shower screen — are luxurious in their simplicity.

Bespoke in blue

ABOVE: Photography by Jens Bösenberg

Hidden behind the sole door in architect Ester Bruzkus’s warehouse apartment in Berlin, this bathroom is a jewel box of precise and playful bespoke touches. Strong sculptural features such as the Carrara marble vanity block and built-in terrazzo bath combine with whimsical wallpaper and powder-blue walls that conceal the wardrobe and drawers.

Lingering look

ABOVE: Photography by Benjamin Hosking

When designing a modest home for a downsizing couple, Sydney architects Trias included a thoughtful bathroom that will age gracefully with its owners, who hope to retire here. In time, its brass fixtures will develop a beautiful patina to match the surrounding unsmooth surfaces, and the wide walk-in shower with a tiled bench ensures accessibility for years to come.