Bright light

Gem usually shies away from colour, but she challenged herself to inject a new hue into her new home – making a feature pendant light that brightens the room in more ways than one.

Need Bare Bulb pendant porcelain set from Kiwi Living. Pre-drilled wooden beads from Spotlight. Paint brush, Resene Turbo test pot and painters’ tape.

One Horizontally tape the bottom half of the beads you want painted. Paint the exposed half with two coats to ensure even coverage.

Two Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape. Line the beads up in the order you want them, then string them onto your cord.

Three Get your handy electrician to wire your light up so that it’s done safely. Then drape from a hook… and flick the switch!

Gem Adams is an all-round style Betty; she has a knack for turning nothing into something.

Project and photography Gem Adams