Concrete candles

Gem Adams has some concrete ideas around DIY this issue. This project’s for candleholders – but you could easily use the same method for planters, paperweights or doorstops. Oh, the possibilities!


ONE Start by rinsing out your containers. I used Pringles canisters, but you could use cardboard milk cartons, or anything else you can cut the top off to pour the concrete in, and tear away once it’s dry.

TWO Make up your concrete, following the instructions on the pack. Make sure it is thoroughly combined and the right consistency. NOTE: The more water you use the smoother the finish.

THREE Using a funnel, pour in your concrete up to the height you want. Then tap the base on the ground to settle the mixture and get rid of any air bubbles. Top up if you need to. Push and jiggle the candle into place, making sure it’s straight and stable. Let the candles dry overnight.

FOUR Remove from the mould by tearing away the cardboard container – there may be a bit of concrete dust when doing this, so it’s best to do it outside. Finally, I washed mine in cold water and used a hard bristle brush to clean away any residual dust. And you’re done – go grab a lighter!

Gem Adams is an all-round style betty. A stylist, photographer, and maker of things, she has a knack for turning nothing into something. Follow her at

Words, styling and photography Gem Adams

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