Drama clean

Lather, rinse, repeat – and so are the days of our lives. Add some twists and turns to the plot in your bathroom with spring-inspired shades and habit-forming luxuries.

Top image: Background in Resene Celtic, resene.co.nz. Clockwise from top left Fort Standard marble candleholders, $130 each, douglasandbec.com. MP Statuario Cube Mosaic tiles, $45/sheet, tiles.co.nz. Binchotan charcoal toothbrush, $14, paperplanestore.com. Face brush, $57, everyday-needs.com. Pomegranate seed oil and pink clay soap, $20, precinct35.co.nz. Sisal bath mitt, $14, paperplanestore.com. Wash cloth, $21, everyday-needs.com. Buddy Low Curved Spout basin mixer, $699, plumbline.co.nz. Claybird Ceramics soap dish, $19.99, alexandcorban.co.nz. Plants stylist’s own.


Background Wall in Resene Mantle, resene.co.nz. Custom-made marble mural, POA, yourdecalshop.co.nz. Hideaway Alpine Grey floor tiles, $65/m2, tiles.co.nz. From left Torquezone Grande bed, $899 (queen mattress and base), bigsave.co.nz. Sove linen duvet cover, $289 (queen), cittadesign.com. Aura pillowcases, $39 each, shutthefrontdoor.co.nz. Handwoven house slides, $69, blackbirdgoods.co.nz. Arc mirror, $490, cittadesign.com. Oska towel, $44.90, countryroad.com.au. Jee-o bath mixer, $3850, michelcesar.co.nz. Noir 1700 bath, $2502, caroma.co.nz. Elegant coffee table, $339, dawsonandco.nz. Loft marble soap dish, $39.90, countryroad.com.au. Tobacco Night soap, $30, curionoir.com. Davines Momo shampoo, $36, boutiquebrands.co.nz. Redecker nail brush, $36, fatherrabbit.com. Larsen bathmat, $14.90, countryroad.com.au. Tribeca Franklin chandelier by Menu, $1391, simonjamesdesign.com. Senza Titolo 2009 framed print by Ernesto Riga, $799, fatherrabbit.com.


Background in Resene Celtic, resene.co.nz. Clockwise from top left Hexagonal Plain tiles, $5 each, gallery4.co.nz. Scented dried flowers, $89, markantonia.com. Tapas Hi-ball glass, $11.90, countryroad.com.au. Herbivore Lapis facial oil, $179; Redecker nail brush, $36, fatherrabbit.com. Lightly brass bowl, $36, collected.co.nz. Shea butter soap, $4.50, fatherrabbit.com. Fort Standard marble trivet, $145, douglasandbec.com. Pumice, $19, fatherrabbit.com. Carrara White Diamond Mosaic tiles, $19.50/sheet, tiles.co.nz. Limited-edition hand-pinched bowl, available by enquiry, houstondesignco.com. Maryse Intensive Omega treatment oil, $66, everyday-needs.com. Redecker nail brush, $34, fatherrabbit.com. Loft marble soap pump, $54.90, countryroad.com.au. Hideaway Alpine Grey floor tiles, $65/m2, tiles.co.nz. Butter London nail polish, $29.90, tessuti.co.nz. Dash purse, $29.90, cittadesign.com.


Background Custom-made marble mural, POA, yourdecalshop.co.nz. Bench in Resene Mantle, resene.co.nz. From left Goccia High basin mixer, $2199; and basin, $1999, plumbline.co.nz. Claybird Ceramics soap dish, $19.99, alexandcorban.co.nz. Sphera Bamboo Charcoal and Cedarwood soap, $20, precinct35.co.nz. Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub towel, $28, paperplanestore.com. Middle of Nowhere Mira Duo mirror, $239, shutthefrontdoor.co.nz.


Background Custom-made marble mural, POA, yourdecalshop.co.nz. Floor in Resene Alabaster; wall in Resene Celtic, resene.co.nz. Top shelf Sunday Rack shelves, $1419, dawsonandco.nz. Lightly brass planter, $149, collected.co.nz. Aesop skincare, from $47, simonjamesdesign.com. Loft marble tray, $64.90, countryroad.com.au. Pumice, $11, paperplanestore.com. Tapas Hi-Ball glass, $11.90, countryroad.com.au. Binchotan charcoal toothbrush, $14, paperplanestore.com. Middle shelves Towels and bathmats, from $46, tessuti.co.nz. R & Co Atlantis shampoo, $48; conditioner, $49, boutiquebrands.co.nz. House Doctor Glazed planter, $44.90, fatherrabbit.com. Bottom shelf Pink striped towels, from $19, paperplanestore.com. Zakkia Speckle container, $69, letliv.co.nz. Room, from top left Mirror, $675, markantonia.com. Chap Wall Mount mixer, $699; Cono basin, $8499, plumbline.co.nz. Forest View framed print by Middle Of Nowhere, $499, fatherrabbit.com. Lightly Smith brass pendant lights, $495 each, collected.co.nz. Evo 1500 bath, $1499; Tube Floor Mount bath spout, $799, plumbline.co.nz. Fog Linen mat, $89, fatherrabbit.com. August coffee table, $259, dawsonandco.nz. Redecker face brush, $36, fatherrabbit.com. Diaphanous candle, $149; Tuberose soap, $30, curionoir.com.

Styling Juliette Wanty
Photography Wendy Fenwick

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