Let Phoenix’s high-tech NX Iko and Orli make your time in the shower count

In association with Phoenix Tapware.

Living our best lives at top speed can see our time in the sanctuary of the shower somewhat curtailed, making it more of a priority than ever to maximise its self-care and aesthetic potential. Phoenix comes to this party with two sophisticated additions to its NX Showers range: Iko and Orli.
As well as the impeccable design Phoenix is known for, snazzy new technology, HydroSense, is a hallmark of both collections, delivering an immersive spray that relaxes you in record time. The fuller coverage takes the form of curved sheets of water (elegantly informed by nature, in the shape of an insect wing) that divide into dense droplets in a way quite unlike how water usually falls. The flow is accelerated too, so if your shower’s low-pressure, you’ve got yourself an upgrade.

ABOVE Pictured here is NX Orli, with a ribbon-like form that makes it seem like it’s floating just off the wall. Both Orli and Iko products include twin, hand and rail showers, shower arms plus roses, and shower roses in matte black and chrome finishes, which can be mixed and matched with other Phoenix tapware and accessories.

Which will you choose? NX Iko is slender and minimal, with a rounded profile crafted through a meticulous process of refinement to remove all extraneous detail — bar the ripple- like ribbing on the face of the shower rose that’s also a feature of square NX Orli, which has a rail reminiscent of a ribbon. Whether you’re an in-and-out type or able to linger a little longer, both will make every minute in the shower count.

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