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We’ll give it to you straight: open shelving is great for maximising space – and even better for showing off everyday objects that reflect your excellent taste.


Wall (throughout story) in Dulux Lyttelton, dulux.co.nz. Joska & Sons shelves (throughout story), from $300, tessuti.co.nz. BENCH, FROM LEFT Tessere Bianco mosaic tiles, $139/m, tiles.co.nz. Bacino 542 sink, $599, aquatica.co.nz . Nivito tap, $899, paterson.co.nz. Miss Daisy bottle, $16.95, freedomfurniture.co.nz. Solwang hand towel, $26, fatherrabbit.com. Nail brush, $39, everyday-needs.com. Handmade plates, from $28, houstondesignco.com. Norm bottle grinder set by Menu, $139, paperplanestore.com. Porcelain punnet, $35; chopping board, $40, fatherrabbit.com. Ila extra-virgin olive oil, $75, thefoxesden.co.nz. Marble serving board, $69.90, cittadesign.com. Teresa Watson utensil holder, $65, ceramiccollege.co.nz. Utensils, from $11.50, fatherrabbit.com. All other items stylist’s own. BOTTOM SHELF, FROM LEFT Speckle bowls, $30 each, reneeboyd.co.nz. Gidon Bing egg cups, $22 each, simonjamesdesign.com. Phold container by Menu, $54; Norm storage jar by Menu, $99, letliv.co.nz. Spice jars, $9.50 each, fatherrabbit.com. Garret canisters, from $19.95, freedomfurniture.co.nz. TOP SHELF, FROM LEFT Coffee dripper, $45, taus.co.nz. Wide mug, $42, precinct35.co.nz. Hario Buono copper kettle, $170, kokako.co.nz. 300+ MGO manuka honey, $68.90, truehoney.co.nz. ScanWood honey dipper, $12, fatherrabbit.com. Trivets stylist’s own. On wall Mr Karlsson Concrete Wall clock, $208, tessuti.co.nz.


TOP SHELF, FROM LEFT Mali bowl, $79.90, countryroad.com.au. The Horse watch, $219, paperplanestore.com. Charlotte Penman cuff, $220; and bracelet, $395, tessuti.co.nz. CN Pocket Parfum, $40, curionoir.com. Marble clay tumbler, $40, precinct35.co.nz. Canisters, from $25, paperplanestore.com. All other items stylist’s own. BOTTOM SHELF, FROM LEFT Half Moon comb, $25, blackbirdgoods.co.nz. Gidon Bing vase, $140, simonjamesdesign.com. Loft marble tray, $64.90, countryroad.com.au. Byredo Suede hand lotion, $78; Diptyque perfume, $157, meccabeauty.co.nz. R & Co Vicious hairspray, $49, boutiquebrands.co.nz. Nars Luminous Moisture Cream, $109, meccabeauty.co.nz. Oribe Rough Luxury moulding paste, $54, boutiquebrands.co.nz. De-Luscious lip tint, $35, meccabeauty.co.nz. On wall Hay Gym hook, $40, simonjamesdesign.com. Winona underwire bra, $95; Thoras shirt, $430, lonelylabel.com.


TOP SHELF, FROM LEFT Stoneware planter, $150, reneeboyd.co.nz. Wundaire Pitfired pot, $185, tessuti.co.nz. Black Sand vase, $85, houstondesignco.com. Fume vessel, $29; Ceropegia framed print by Studio Joop, $89, paperplanestore.com. MIDDLE SHELF, FROM LEFT Black Sand vase, $85, houstondesignco.com. Fume vessel, $29; Tamago planter, $79, paperplanestore.com. BOTTOM SHELF, FROM LEFT Stoneware planter, $150, reneeboyd.co.nz. Coaster set by Saito Wood, $65, precinct35.co.nz. On wall Cocos Nucifera framed print, $129, paperplanestore.com. On floor Rondo wine bucket (as planter), $390, cittadesign.com. Armadillo & Co Sherpa Weave rug, $1270, theivyhouse.co.nz. Banjo Loveseat sofa, $3200, stclements.co.nz. Mehilaispessa cushion cover, $56.95, boltofcloth.com. Lampe Gras 411 lamp, $1249, tessuti.co.nz. Tonk stool, $320, stclements.co.nz. Siirtolapuutarha mug, $32, boltofcloth.com. Wundaire planter, $155, tessuti.co.nz. Coaster, books and plants stylist’s own.

Styling Alice Lines
Photography Wendy Fenwick

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