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In part three of our paint-pairing series, we showcase a couple of easy ways to create sleep spaces for children that are all about fun, fun, fun.

In association with Resene.


Under the sea


Inspiration Ship Shape print by Lucie Sheridan, $135 (unframed), luciesheridan.co.uk.
Paint swatches Resene Point Break, Resene Escape, Resene Half Black White, Resene Whizz Bang, Resene Cruising, resene.co.nz.

1. Print and carefully cut out a paper waves template (Click here to download). The temple can be printed in parts onto 3x A3 sheets and joined together, or printed on one piece if taken to a professional printer.
2. Use a roller to paint the entire wall with two or three coats of Resene Point Break. Allow to dry.
3. Decide how high up the wall you’d like the waves to go, draw a straight line across the wall with a pencil, then stick three 48mm-wide strips of painters’ tape one on top of the other along the wall, so the pencil line is fully covered.
4. Use the pencil and template to draw the outline of the wave onto the tape.
5. Slice along the outline with a craft knife. Peel off the upper half-moon segments, leaving the rest of the tape.
6. Use a roller to paint the top half of the wall – down to the tape – with two or three coats of Resene Escape. Once dry, remove the remaining tape.

ROOM DETAILS Wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in Resene Point Break and Resene Escape; floor in Resene Lumbersider in Resene Point Break, prepped with Resene Quick Dry and sealed with Resene Uracryl GraffitiShield Clear, resene.co.nz. On floor, from left Shift floor lamp, $459, cittadesign.com. Lifesaver megaphone by Sunnylife, $42, ikoiko.co.nz. Saltwater sandals, $80; wooden sail boats, $55 each; Grimm’s Water Waves stacker, $60, naturebaby.co.nz. Componibili storage unit by Anna Castelli Ferrieri for Kartell, $276, backhousenz.com. Whale bath toy, $30, naturebaby.co.nz. New Zealand Native Marine Life No 1 chart, from $59, miseryguts.co.nz. Wire basket by Down to the Woods, $69; wool blanket by Forestry, $245, collected.co.nz. Inflatable Crabby arm bands by Sunnylife, $20/pair, ikoiko.co.nz. TOP BUNK, FROM LEFT Camp bunks, $699/king single, bigsave.co.nz. Tasaraita duvet cover by Marimekko, from $199, boltofcloth.com. Slat cushion cover (cobalt) and Anita in Blue cushion cover (spotted) by Spira, $52 each, boltofcloth.com. Blue Whale pillowcase by Henry and Co and Jane Reiseger, $39, henryandcohome.co.nz. BOTTOM BUNK, FROM LEFT Tasaraita pillowcase by Marimekko, $30, boltofcloth.com. Blue Whale duvet cover by Henry and Co and Jane Reiseger, $199/king single, henryandcohome.co.nz. Frank Face cushion cover by Spira, $52, boltofcloth.com. Octopus toy, $13, ikoiko.co.nz. Dune blanket, $120, naturebaby.co.nz.


Two’s company

resene_kids_homestyle_9 resene_kids_homestyle_7

Inspiration Strawberry print by Sarah Neuburger, $35, paperghoststudio.com.
Paint swatches Resene Quarter Moonbeam, Resene Turkish Delight, Resene Ruby Tuesday, Resene Essence, Resene Red Berry, resene.co.nz.

Encourage a harmonious shared space by personalising a side of the bedroom to suit each child. When pairing paint colours to divide a room in half, create interest by teaming a lighter and a bolder shade, and when making your selection, be sure to view the swatches side by side, as the hues need to work together. As well as choosing shades of different strengths, sticking to a palette of all warm – as we have here – or all cool tones will make for a compelling contrast without being too jarring. Aim to continue the colour theme in your soft furnishing and accessories.


ROOM DETAILS Wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in Resene Quarter Moonbeam and Resene Turkish Delight; floor in Resene Lumbersider in Resene Quarter Moonbeam and Resene Turkish Delight, prepped with Resene Quick Dry and sealed with Resene Uracryl GraffitiShield Clear, resene.co.nz. LEFT String Ball lights by Lummi & Co, $62, ikoiko.co.nz. Cherry Pie duvet cover by Kip & Co, $199/king single; Velvet pillowcase (pink) by Kip & Co, $85/pair; Pea cushion (yellow) by Kip & Co, $99; Mosaic Linen cushion by Bonnie and Neil, $165; Zebby baby blanket by Kip & Co, $109, collected.co.nz. MIDDLE Bedboy bedside table, $930, timwebberdesign.com. Cactus light by Heico, $199, greyandwild.com. Rainbow stacker by One Two Tree, $55, teapea.co.nz. Rice cup, $13, ikoiko.co.nz. Starry Night night light by Eef Lillemor, $25; Flora and the Flamingo book by Molly Idle, $35, greyandwild.com. RIGHT Duvet cover by Scout, $235/king single set; Marita pillowcase (striped) by Sage & Clare, $45, teapea.co.nz. Hattarakukka cushion cover (multicoloured), $60, boltofcloth.com. Puss Pea cushion by Kip & Co, $99, collected.co.nz. Sun visor by Sunnylife, $17, ikoiko.co.nz. Krispy Dreme donut cushion by Sack Me!, $60, greyandwild.com. Shoes stylist’s own.

Styling Juliette Wanty
Photography Melanie Jenkins

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